Maximize engagement with your community

Collaborate to scale impact

We are enthusiastic about collaborating with entities that prioritize equipping their members, alumni, executives, and clients with the tools for meaningful engagement. KIN's Impact Circles stand as a compelling solution for this purpose. We are proud to partner with:

Accelerators, Asset Managers and Foundations to propel their social innovators to thrive

Conveners and Membership Organizations
to engage/build momentum

Companies and Family Offices
to drive company or family impact


Engage your senior executives in social impact, resulting in increased loyalty and job satisfaction while your executives accelerate their personal growth and widen their networks.

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Family Offices

Give your family members and senior executives an additional avenue to scale impact in areas they individually care about.

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Offer your current and past cohorts a pathway to continuing their growth and expanding their networks.

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Asset Managers

Give your portfolio companies and ‘silver medalists’ an edge to succeed and grow personally while contributing to a social cause.

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Give your social innovators access to a forum to share knowledge and scale impact to leverage your funding, helping them to realize their potential.

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Maintain the energy sparked after your key events, continuing the momentum initiated by creating, in effect, ongoing breakout rooms with KIN Impact Circles.

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Membership Organizations

Add a new member benefit that will give your members a new platform to engage in a cause and enjoy personal and professional growth through forum participation.

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