Solve Education!

Workforce Readiness
Solve Education! makes education accessible and improves employment outcomes for out-of-school youth by integrating evidence-based curriculum into mobile game applications.

The Need

To go beyond grants and donations to developing earned revenue, SolveEducation! wishes to design and offer their technology to employers within the hospitality industry and incorporate modules into their platform to prepare users for employment within this sector.

Project Impact

Solve Education! is currently impacting more than 400,000 young individuals and aims to expand their reach to 5,000,000 over the next 5 years. To achieve these goals, Solve Education! is focused on leveraging their technology within the hospitality industry given substantial labor shortages and no glass ceiling (people can come in as line staff and work their way up to General Manager). KIN facilitated a 90-minute catalyze session bringing leadership and curriculum/software designers at Solve Education! together with selected Knowledge Partners with expertise in gaming at Google, application development, customer service and product design. During this facilitated session, the group was able to tease out opportunities to repurpose Solve Education!’s technology to create training programs that prepare the demographic they serve for hospitality and service industry jobs. Solve Education! can provide access to marginalized communities that the hotels and restaurants do not currently reach and screen their employability skill sets effectively. Knowledge Partners volunteered to continue to serve as thought partners and advisors as Solve Education! works to refine its pitch for potential partnerships in the hospitality sector.
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