About Us

Our Story

2020 was a watershed year, characterized by the pandemic, widlfires, famine, drought, war & more.

Four leaders from YPO — Alain Chetrit, Pierce Dunn, Abhijit Pawar, and Scott Mordell— saw the acute need to accelerate positive change in the world.

They created Knowledge Impact Network ™ (KIN)*, inspired by The Giving Pledge established by Warren Buffett, Melinda French Gates, and Bill Gates. The co-founders believed the world’s social entrepreneurs need contributions of sheer knowledge as much as they do monetary donations in order to crack the challenges they face trying to achieve zero hunger, knock out poverty, and among myriad other problems, save the climate. KIN unlocks human capital by activating purpose-driven leaders to offer expertise that can help social enterprises accelerate progress toward achieving their aspirational goals. By collaboratively sharing knowledge, we scale impact to create a brighter future.

*formerly The Knowledge Pledge

Our Guiding Star

Our Mission

To share knowledge, scale impact, and accelerate progress towards a brighter future.

We do this by creating curated opportunities for purpose-driven leaders and promising social ventures to exchange their skills, insights, and connections.

Our Vision

A connected world enriched by people inspired to share knowledge and collaborate for the good of people and the planet through innovative platforms.

Our Work

Our focused areas of impact are centered around Core Human needs (access to food, water, and health), Workforce Readiness, and Protecting our Planet. These impact pillars are tied directly to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We are people who care about each other and humanity.


We build meaningful relationships based in mutual trust and a spirit of true partnership.

Curiosity and Learning

We continuously build upon our knowledge celebrating new insights and learnings which drive innovation and accelerate our impact.


We see great challenges as urgent opportunities.

Our core values

We define knowledge as wisdom and understanding one gains from life experiences, skills mastered, education, and personal intuition. Knowledge integrates rational, emotional, and spiritual truths. Knowledge is unique and a valuable asset to share. The confluence of knowledge and action is the means to transform the world for all humanity.