Workforce Readiness
BroadFutures strives to create access to employment opportunities for young neurodivergent people while also supporting and educating employers to make their workplaces inclusive and accessible. They achieve these goals through training, mentoring and paid internship programs both locally in the Washington, Metropolitan area, as well as through nationwide pilots.

The Need

There is an increased demand for their programs from young neurodivergent people as well as demand from employers in hiring neurodivergent talent. BroadFutures seeks help on an expansion strategy.

Project Impact

BroadFutures seeks to triple their reach over the next five years. Joining them in this journey, KIN launched its partnership with BroadFutures by hosting a 90 minute Catalyze Session where KIN convened six Knowledge Partners with BroadFutures leadership. During this session, the hand-selected group of social impact leaders with experience and passion for scaling businesses, business strategy, education, impact investing, and talent development strategized how BroadFutures can effectively and impactfully scale their model, while still retaining quality outcomes. The Knowledge Partners provided thoughts on how to build mindshare (attend conferences where employers can learn about BroadFutures) and market share (expand to new locations/business units with current employers, start with warm referrals to shorten the sales cycle to new clients, and consider collaborating with other similar programs in other parts of the US). At the end of the session, Knowledge Partners pledged ongoing involvement ranging from providing warm referrals to similar organizations working in BroadFutures area, improving messaging of the product, and attending another 90 minutes Catalyze Sessions.
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