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Impact Circles

What we offer

Impact Circles are global forums that enable advocates and social entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with peers committed to a common cause. Together they learn, advance solutions, share resources, and support successful social ventures making a mark—all powered by KIN’s diverse, global leadership networks.

They are invitation-only virtual communities for those in the KIN network.

What an impact circle can do for you

Engage and learn from peers

passionate about addressing a common cause

Interact with, advise, and support social ventures

working in a space of interest

Share resources

such as funding sources, investment opportunities, mentoring, conferences, learning opportunities  

Advance and champion your own impact

and get peer feedback

Sample impact circles

African Solutions

Agriculture-Smart Climate Transitions

Healthcare Without Borders

Social Venture Partners Forum

Educating For Workforce Readiness

Food Security

Impact circle format

Led by a volunteer chair

Curated participants & initiatives; facilitated meetings & follow-ups

Meet virtually (monthly, quarterly, as desired by the group)

Exchange resources through "needs and leads" workshops

Identify innovative social ventures in the sector to meet, support or serve

Moderated WhatsApp chat group