Experience the power of peer-to-peer collaboration

What we offer

Knowledge Impact NetworkTM (KIN) equips small 'Impact Circles' - dubbed as 'forums with a cause' - with vital resources and expertise to advance effective collaboration on shared causes.

We facilitate deep connections and heightened cooperation.  At KIN, we believe in tapping into diverse expertise to make a real impact. Our Impact Circles connect participants with KIN's network of experts who can provide valuable coaching and knowledge. This helps circle members tackle challenges effectively and move their projects forward.

Impact Circles, powered by CircleSpace.

How Impact Circles work

Intimate groups comprising 8-12 individuals convene on our virtual platform to address social issues and cultivate their personal growth.

Participants have the option to select from our curated list of causes or propose new ones, ensuring alignment with their passions and interests.

KIN Impact Circles are facilitated by professionals who guide discussions and document insights for members to share with others for further action.

KIN combines human expertise with the capabilities of Generative AI to provide valuable solutions and insights. This approach ensures that AI does not simply extract Circle member knowledge and expertise without creating social, organizational, or personal benefits.

The benefits

Opportunity to have social impact while experiencing a professional forum environment.

Connect, collaborate, and expand your networks across disciplines and industries.

Learn from and share with peers who understand your challenges.

Access world-class experts through KIN’s inclusive network of networks.

Share and receive ‘needs and leads’.

KIN Impact Circle participation costs are competitive.

UN SDG contribution

Each Impact Circle focuses on a specific cause and tracks its progress toward Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By dedicating time to their chosen cause, documenting their actions, and advocating for actionable steps, participants actively contribute to the broader Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) framework.

KIN is dedicated to forwarding Circle participant recommendations to relevant agencies and global organizations capable of enacting actionable measures to address the identified issues.

Current causes

Click here to learn more about our current Impact Circle causes and express your interest in sharing your knowledge for good. After reviewing all our causes please complete the form to participate.