Telosity Ventures

Core Human Needs
Telosity is a venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed stage startups focused on digital wellness and mental health. Telosity has established a strong platform including industry experts, partners, entrepreneurs and investors to actively support the growth of their portfolio companies. Telosity believes thoughtfully designed technology-based tools can create more accessible and equitable ways of improving mental health and well-being.

The Need

Approximately 1 billion individuals are currently suffering from mental illness, but there are significant challenges to responding to this need because of mental health provider shortage, equity, limited options for coverage, etc. Telosity seeks to find innovative solutions to bridge this gap by investing in carefully vetted mental health and digital wellness startups. A majority of investment funds focus on adult mental health but 50% of mental health issues start at the age of 17 and younger. Telosity believes it is important to address mental health challenges when they start.

Project Impact

Telosity Ventures has impacted 1 million lives to date, and seeks to expand to 5 million, with an emphasis on reaching women and youth. Knowledge Impact Network partnered with Telosity Ventures on this journey by hosting a Catalyze Session where we brought together a cohort of five leaders with experience in venture funds, sales, and marketing to help Telosity enhance its pitch materials and outreach, as well as identify limited partners for its venture capital fund. The Knowledge Partners provided invaluable feedback on the pitch deck such as lean into the differentiator of their luminaries and don’t be afraid to raise a larger fund.
The initial catalyze session went so well, the group reconvened 6 weeks later to review the revised pitch deck and further identify investor targets.
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