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Impact Circles are global forums that enable advocates and social entrepreneurs to connect and collaborate with peers committed to a common cause. Together they learn, advance solutions, share resources, and support successful social ventures making a mark—all powered by KIN’s diverse, global leadership networks.

They are invitation-only virtual communities for those in the KIN network. Join the KIN network here.

African Solutions (ASIC)

Challenge:  Access to knowledge and support for players in the impact space in Africa is severly limited.

Objective: Create a community who wants to be a conduit to convert Africa’s pressing challenges into opportunities that can be addressed at scale.

#1 Build Community:
KIN handpicked initial participants and through network referrals, the Impact Circle now consists of 43 members spanning five continents, including CEOs, investors, academics, and social innovators.

# 2 Exchange Knowledge: Impact Circle members connect regularly via a private chat to exchange knowledge on events, resources and funding opportunities. Sample events include a powerful ‘Needs & Leads’ session where leaders from different industries offered to connect individuals with those who could support their initiatives. Another event focused on supporting select grassroot entrepreneurs, which also enabled the Circle participants to understand in more detail the challenges of local communities.

#3 Take Action: The Impact Circle developed three action networks focused on a specific goals: 1. Nature-based Solutions & Biodiversity; 2. Climate Change; and 3. Food Security & Agriculture

#4 Pilot and Scale: The action networks will be launched with objectives and scaling discussions will begin in 2024.


Challenge: 70% of Zimbabweans are dependent on agriculture. 40-60% of the population faced acute food insecurity and extreme poverty driven by extreme climate and rampant inflation.

Objective: Co-develop and communicate usable weather and crop data for smallholder farmers, empowering them to make wise decisions that increase their economic prosperity.

#1 Build Community:
A KIN Knowledge Partner met a Climatologist and learned how data could help farmers increase their crop yields, incomes and food security despite weather uncertainty. The Knowledge Partner asked KIN to create Impact Circle and curate members.

#2 Exchange Knowledge: KIN identified 6 parties to join, facilitated meetings to identify a workplan, found global resources, and managed project milestones.

#3 Take Action: ZMSD agrees to develop custom website. The Impact Circle identified and recommended to ZMSD potential web developers and a Knowledge Partner funded the creation of the site.

#4 Pilot and Scale: Data will be accessible via the website and mobile phones to as many as 500,000 farmers.  Once the pilot proves succesful, the Impact Circle will help scale to rest of Zimbabwe and explore expansion to other regions in East Africa.