TIE Global Artisans

Workforce Readiness
An initiative of PYXERA Global, TIE Global Artisans seeks to create economic prosperity for indigenous artisans, initially African textile weavers, through job creation, gender parity, fair trade and sustainable practices.

The Need

TIE Global Artisans wanted input on its business (Deep Dive Project) and ideas on how it could raise awareness of its work, particularly in a way that would attract potential funders (Catalyze Session).

Project Impact

KIN Knowledge Partners in the Deep Dive Project recommended how TIE Global Artisans should revise its existing business model, provided strategic information on manufacturing and distribution processes, and made introductions to important contacts. During the multi-month project, KIN also connected TIE Global Artisans to designers and handicraft retailers, and textile and trade experts who provide necessary guidance for its immediate needs and pledged to be available as TIE further develops its business model. In KIN’s Catalyze Session, a separate group of Knowledge Partners provided feedback on how TIE Global Artisans should revise its pitch to impact investors, offered to connect TIE Global Artisans to an array of senior fashion editors to build exposure, and offered connections with potential celebrity champions as a key tool to building social media buzz and excitement for its products. “Having the outside perspectives from these experts really rejuvenated our team. We have much to follow on, but I do believe this session will turn out to have been a critical turning point for TIE Global Artisans,” said PXYERA Global CEO Deirdre White.
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