Core Human Needs
Gardyn is reimagining the future of food and responding to the urgent need for access to fresh and nutritious food grown in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. Launched in 2018, Gardyn has a presence in every U.S. state and is expected to impact 60,000 people in 2023. Last year, customers produced over 1 million pounds of produce, saved 12 million gallons of water, and prevented the use of 60,000 pounds of pesticides. Gardyn expects to reach more than half a million people over the next 5 years.

The Need

Given the success and recognition of both the technology and science of their product, Gardyn seeks to expand to serve underprivileged communities in efforts to combat lack of access to healthy, nutritious food. They have launched Gardyn Grows for Good (G3) to donate devices, or Gardyns, into underserved communities. However, they are currently seeking to partner with nonprofit organizations to leverage the technology and make a greater impact in food security, nutrition and sustainability in underprivileged communities across the U.S.

Project Impact

KIN hosted a Catalyze Session for Gardyn’s founder and CEO, FX Rouxel, in which seven Knowledge Partners came together to identify potential for partnerships with nonprofits that could benefit from Gardyn’s product. The range of experience and expertise among Knowledge Partners provided for rich discussion and perspectives regarding a dual non-profit & for-profit structure, government funding options, and where and how to search for nonprofits. Enthusiastic about Gardyn’s proven success and FX’s passion to make sure this technology reaches communities that lack access to nutritious foods, Knowledge Partners pledged to continue working one-on-one with FX. Their pledges ranged from exploring the legality of establishing a foundation to setting up crowdfunding campaigns to offering assistance on where to seek out government funding opportunities. As FX goes on to pursue opportunities for growth and impact, Knowledge Partners volunteered to serve as ongoing resources to help him navigate topics such as impact tracking, funding, hiring, and beyond.
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