Teach to Work

Workforce Readiness
(Education) Teach to Work is a “call to action” for all mentors—regardless of whether they are bankers, attorneys, accountants, engineers, scientists, or artists—to engage in Project-based Mentoring® that would prepare America’s teens and young adults with skills for 21st century jobs.

The Need

After successfully running Project-based Mentoring® programs in the Washington D.C. area, the founder and author of Teach to Work, wanted to explore how to best advance and expand the practice of Project-based Mentoring® across the country for disadvantaged youth to help them find employment. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

Diverse Knowledge Partners in the education sector across the country shared ideas and connections to bring Project-based Mentoring® to their schools. Based on the connections made in the session, Teach to Work signed a contract with the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) within two months to launch a pilot reaching 100-150 students beginning fall 2022. Furthermore, the Dean of Workforce Development at CCSF introduced Teach To Work to seven other community colleges in California which are considering adopting the program, as well as to several Silicon Valley companies which expressed interest in providing mentors. The Teach to Work founder said “The Catalyze Session was phenomenal — to have that level of executives, across the board, weigh in and focus on my project - with preparation and succinct questions such that in 90 minutes we could get to the heart of my issues — this was an invaluable experience.”
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