Protecting our Planet
The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world producing 80+ billion garments a year. Staiy is a marketplace for sustainable fashion with a goal of revolutionizing the fashion ecosystem for a better future.

The Need

To prepare for seed round financing in Q1 2023, Staiy reached out to KIN for help in a 90-minute Catalyze Session. This next round of financing will allow Staiy to scale the business and help to greatly reduce the carbon and water footprint of the fashion industry. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

KIN Knowledge Partners guided Staiy on the need to further crystalize their business model and point of differentiation by painting the picture of how sustainability is embedded in all aspects of their business and understanding why community members will return to the Staiy marketplace and what key metrics to share with investors to illustrate how the business can scale.
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