Project Alianza

Workforce Readiness
Project Alianza improves educational opportunities in Central America by training rural women as educators to transform education and create generational change from within their own communities. To date, Project Alianza has reached 42 rural communities, and over 19K children across 160,000 acres of isolated, mountainous farmland despite political turmoil, a pandemic, and climate crises.

The Need

Project Alianza’s ambition is to scale in rural communities in Central America where traditional public schools do not adapt to meet the needs of working children. They reached out to Knowledge Impact Network (KIN) for advice on how to reach out to new funding sources and effectively pitch them. Alianza currently relies on a handful of loyal, private foundations and would like to cultivate relationships with corporate donors, family offices, public foundations, and other grant funders. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

Knowledge Partners suggested key audiences for Project Alianza to consider targeting for scaling and funding, as well as some recommendations for how to better reach new funders. After the Catalyze Session, Project Alianza worked on reshaping their external mission to highlight women's leadership and inspire new funders. In addition, they decided to hold their own virtual round table about solutions for scaling their radio program and looking to low-code, offline solutions to enhance the content. Increased funding will enable Project Alianza to expand its proven model in Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador to new countries and communities.
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