Education For Employment

(Education/Economic Opportunity) Education For Employment (EFE) is the leading nonprofit in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) creating economic opportunities for unemployed youth in MENA. Since 2006, EFE has trained more than 129,000 youth and helped them find employment, and 57% of their graduates are women.

The Need

EFE reached out to Knowledge Impact Network for help fulfilling its 2025 strategic goals; specifically, what is the best way to forecast job market needs in the diverse eight countries it operates in, and accordingly, improve the training programs it offers to help youth build the skills for those jobs. (Deep Dive Project)

Project Impact

One Knowledge Partner worked with EFE to develop a strategic framework and approach for determining the best available business intelligence tools to forecast labor market demand. The Partner helped design a pilot, assessed the results, and made recommendations. Another Knowledge Partner helped EFE’s operating team upgrade their learning management system, which provides training curriculum, leveraging current software tools. The future curricula will include a unique feedback system for students to give insights on trainers. As a result of Knowledge Impact Network’s project for EFE, 10,000 students will benefit from the work in 2022, and in five years, 200,000 youth in MENA will be more prepared for workforce needs.
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