Core Human Needs
DignityMoves reimagines housing for those experiencing homelessness by creating fast and cost-effective interim housing units, enabling safe, dignified, interim housing where people can get out of survival mode and start to rebuild their lives.

The Need

DignityMoves was interested in getting input on the best financial structures to allow it to scale quickly and meet the incredible demand anticipated from cities and counties wishing for quick solutions to their unsheltered homelessness populations. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

KIN Knowledge Partners recommended putting together the ‘investment case’ for donors/investors to stage the investment and get momentum for short- and long-term financing solutions aimed at investors who can finance DignityMoves’ organizational infrastructure. Additionally, the team counseled that donors and partners need to understand how DignityMoves fits into the big picture of taking people off homelessness, even if the organization only addresses a portion of the solution. Separately, KIN team members helped DignityMoves increase the coverage of its work in its local newspaper, the San Francisco Chronicle.
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