Workforce Readiness
CorpsAfrica unlocks the human potential of local communities by recruiting, training, and placing young, university-educated Africans to live in underserved regions in their own countries to facilitate small-scale, high-impact projects identified by local people and funded by partners from Africa and around the world. To date, CorpsAfrica has hosted hundreds of Volunteers in Morocco, Senegal, Malawi, and Rwanda, who have completed over 500 projects, including: Building wells, schools, roads, and irrigation systems; Establishing literacy programs; and Supporting vegetable and livestock farms.

The Need

With a goal of growing to all 54 of Africa's nations within the next ten years, CorpsAfrica’s asked KIN for guidance in how to leverage partnerships as a means to increase capacity to train more young Africans to combat poverty in rural communities. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

The Knowledge Partners brainstormed a variety of strategic partners and pledged to introduce CorpsAfrica to valuable leads. These new partnerships will help CorpsAfrica achieve its goals of new country launches, expand existing programming and numbers of volunteers, and build a reserve fund to sustain the effort for years to come.
A year later, KIN Knowledge Partners continue to help Corps Africa. One Knowledge Partner speaks with Founder and CEO, Liz Fanning, every two months, providing connections, ideas, and feedback on initiatives. Another Knowledge Partner, a professor teaching management consulting for social impact at a top-tier university, engaged his students to work on a project for CorpsAfrica. The project assessed the incubator landscape in Africa and recommended how to best support the CorpsAfrica alumni running social enterprises. Finally, the strategies the Knowledge Partners brainstormed at the initial session a year ago came to fruition with one key partner, enabling CorpsAfrica to reach for its goal of growing to all Africa nations.
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