Circular City Coalition (CCC)

Protecting our Planet
Cities occupy only 3% of Earth’s land surface, but they consume 75% of our resources while producing 60-80% of our total greenhouse gas emissions. The Circular City Coalition (PYXERA Global, Metabolic, Enel Group, Rheaply & First Mile) is a multi-stakeholder partnership with a shared vision to enable the rapid and just transition from the current extractive economy to a regenerative and equitable one.

The Need

CCC enlisted KIN to help them think about various blended finance instruments and novel financing technologies that could effectively be deployed across an entire city value chain in a given sector. This unique way of financing will ultimately enable each sector to transition from a linear to circular economy and thus drive systematic change. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

Knowledge Partners discussed the pros and cons of different blended finance options and how to communicate their lofty mission with the goal of making it more tangible to each city. With additional financing, CCC hopes regenerative economies will be established in 20% of the worst-offending cities.
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