Axion Education

Axion Education seeks to create an online global university free to the “base of the pyramid,” enabling youth in developing regions to have access to highest quality higher education and employment opportunities.

The Need

Axion asked KIN to reflect on any gaps in its business model and advice on how it might find the right partners to fill in the gaps. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

KIN Knowledge Partners recommended Axion conduct a proof of concept pilot in a localized area like Tanzania. The KIN team recommended identifying the large corporations that would be interested in the education of these communities and partnering with them as funders or in-kind collaborators. The KIN Knowledge Partners pledged to assist Axion with a host of things, from defining its business plan to opening doors in Tanzania. After holding a Catalyze Session with several KIN Knowledge Partners, Sarah said “All three phases of the Session were valuable: 1) BEFORE to ensure the overview deck is focused on key questions to be asked; 2) DURING where experts give their time and advice; and 3) AFTER when following up on recommendations and pledges is so important. It was an invaluable experience.”
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