AI Centre of Excellence (AiCE)

Workforce Readiness
AI Centre of Excellence (AiCE) is passionate about maximizing the growth of Artificial Intelligence in Africa and creating sustainable job opportunities through training and educating youth in AI and data science.

The Need

AiCE requested advice in fortifying its training program, requesting input on how can it stay current on content for their curriculum given highly evolving AI marketplace needs and which universities it should be partnering with to ensure students obtain credible certifications. (Catalyze Session)

Project Impact

The KIN Knowledge Partners focused on AiCE’s unique value proposition and the importance of AiCE differentiating itself from what potential partners - like universities or corporations - can already do themselves. Participants also suggested AiCE could focus on social/sustainable innovation in Africa given the global impact investing trend supporting such initiatives. “It was a great session that allowed for use to validate our current progress, open up new avenues of achieving our goals, brainstorm on new ideas, and enlarge our network towards achieving those goals,” says Natasha Ochiel, AiCe Co-Founder.
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