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Are you a purpose-driven leader with a wealth of expertise and broad networks eager to share your knowledge, insights, and networks to create a better world?
Ways to engage
We unite purpose-driven leaders (Knowledge Partners) and Social Venture Partners in curated platforms to create solutions. As a Knowledge Partner, you can leverage your knowledge for social good by participating in the following exchange platforms:

Knowledge Exchange Platforms

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Catalyze Sessions

Focused, 90-minute workshops in which 3-6 Knowledge Partners engage and advise social ventures on overcoming specific challenges or seizing opportunities.
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Deep Dive Projects

Deeper engagements lasting 3 months in which
2-5 Knowledge Partners collaborate with social ventures to scale and accelerate impact. 
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Virtual communities to explore issues and develop actions where you can build your global network.
Why engage

Access Curated Opportunities

Apply your skills, insights and connections to a cause of your choice, leveraging what you uniquely offer.

It’s Easy

Engagements take as little as 90 minutes, and you can give as much time as you want.

Learn About Impact

Build your own knowledge bank through specially designed learning events and participating in our knowledge exchange platforms.

Build New Connections and Networks

Collaborate with social innovators and purpose-driven leaders eager to create a better world.

Drive Change

Build the movement towards a new knowledge economy, where knowledge is shared freely for social good.
how to engage
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