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Catalyze Sessions

What we offer

We make it easy for Knowledge Partners and Social Venture Partners to exchange knowledge. Catalyze Sessions are focused, 90-minute pro bono workshops in which 3-6 purpose-driven leaders (Knowledge Partners) interact with and advise a social venture on overcoming a specific challenge or seizing an opportunity. At the conclusion, each Knowledge Partner pledges to perform a follow-up action. After the session, we will track the pledges, facilitate further 1:1 connections, and support the social venture success along the way.

Sample challenges/opportunities:
- What types of partnerships should we forge to help achieve our full potential?
- Are we focused on the right markets and, if not, what new ones might we consider?
- How could we significantly strengthen our messaging on our website or pitch deck?
- How could we update, streamline or enhance our infrastructure to overcome a specific challenge we are having with our technology, HR, or operations?
- What can we do to let more people know about us?

Social venture view

Ventures may be non-profit or for-profit, may have a domestic, regional, or global focus, and may not advocate for a specific political or religious objective.

- Has a specific, focused question that must be addressed to scale your impact.
- Operates in one of our impact areas of focus: Core Human Needs (food, water, shelter and health), Workforce Readiness, or Protecting our Planet.
- In operation for at least one year and has at least two paid employees.
- Has a proven and shareable track record of success in creating impact.

Commitment required:
- C-suite, executive, or board member must attend the 90 minute Catalyze Session.
- Must have a representative available to support approximately 1 hour of pre-session activities such as providing preparatory briefing materials.
- Must have a representative available to engage in approximately 1-2 hours of post-session activities such as responding to surveys, holding an interview, tracking and sharing progress, etc.

If you meet the criteria and commitement required,  apply here.

Knowledge partner view

Participate as a purpose-driven leader in a 90 minute virtual session. Along with a small group of other pro bono Knowledge Partners, you will share your insights, skills and connections with a social venture tackling a challenge. Add value, learn about the venture, and connect with peers on a common cause of interest.

- Generously share knowledge—skills, insights and connections—to scale impact and accelerate progress towards a brighter future.
- Demonstrate accomplishment in your field with relevant expertise to address social venture challenge/opportunity.
- Be ready to share further information via a phone interview.

Commitment required:
- Commit to be present for the full 90 minute session, on time with camera on and ready to fully engage, as a courtesy to the social entrepreneur and other Knowledge Partners expecting you.
- Exemplify our KIN values of compassion, collaboration, curiosity, and optimism during the session.
- At the end of each session, each Knowledge Partner will be asked to pledge a follow-up action, such as sharing a connection, reviewing materials, or building awareness of the venture’s impact among friends and colleagues.

See our current projects page to view open Catalyze Sessions and apply to participate now.

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