Global Steering Group Becomes KIN Partner


Knowledge Impact Network (KIN) has teamed up with the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing (GSG), which catalyzes impact investment and entrepreneurship to benefit people and the planet in over 40 member countries.

The organizations will form Impact Circles – “forums with a cause” – for GSG members who will select causes and contribute to their solutions.  In addition, members benefit from expanding their networks and experiencing meaningful peer-to-peer collaboration. GSG-KIN Circles are not limited to GSG members but are open to KIN’s broader community. 

The collaboration between KIN and GSG amplifies their combined expertise and networks to create social impact scales and a multiplier effect. To amplify circle participants' impact, KIN will forward their recommendations to relevant agencies and global organizations capable of actionable measures.

GSG was founded on the belief that investment done well can benefit everyone. GSG drives real impact by putting societal and environmental impact at the heart of its investment and business decisions. The global influence of GSG is built on a unique and growing group of National Advisory Boards in over 40 member countries. A further 30 NABs are under development, many in lower and lower-middle-income countries. 

KIN Chairman Alain Chetrit said, “We’re thrilled to partner with GSG. These are the people who 'innovate, agitate and orchestrate'." As a KIN partner, GSG will invite its members to join KIN Impact Circles to find solutions to social challenges and expand their personal P&L –  Purpose & Legacy.

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