WFP’s Innovation Accelerator Project, H2Grow, Asks Knowledge Pledge Signatories For Advice in Catalyze Session

March 3rd, 2022

H2Grow, the United Nations World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator project brings locally adaptable and affordable hydroponic solutions to vulnerable communities around the world. Growing rapidly, it requested a Knowledge Pledge Catalyze Session to explore how it could develop long-term funding and technical partnerships.

During the Session the team worked on identifying and clarifying the nature of the bottlenecks regarding growing partnerships for H2Grow as the organization readies for scaling. They then explored several funding options as well as other companies and organizations doing similar work.

One big idea was to position H2Grow beyond hydroponics solution, but rather as a means to educate a new generation of young people on impact, sustainability and self-reliance – right in their communities. This might generate new opportunities from funders interested in supporting education, economic opportunity, and sustainability initiatives.

Following the session, Manuela said it was “very exciting to get this much positive feedback and commitment.”

Knowledge Pledge Signatories who were in attendance included  Janjarang Kijtikhun, Senior Consultant on Private Sector Partnerships and Due Diligence, UNDP;  Francois-Xavier Rouxel, Chief Executive Officer, Gardyn Inc.; Sanjay Sethi, Advisor and Board Member; Astha Singh, Co-Founder, Trailblazers, and Juan Carlos Velten, Co-Founder at Swim, Partner at InnovationLab, and Catalyze Session Facilitator.

Social venture team members who participated in the Session included  Dorian Deaux, Donor Relations and Partnerships Consultant, WFP Innovation Accelerator and  Manuela Zierau, Global H2Grow Lead, WFP Innovation Accelerator.