The Knowledge Pledge, AdAstral Sign Partnership

The Knowledge Pledge has developed a new partnership with AdAstral, a disruptive impact venture capital firm dedicated to investing in early to mid-stage scientific innovations. AdAstral’s mission and some of the proceeds of its profits will support the UN SDGs and TKP’s critically important work in this area.

September 1st, 2021

“We believe the investment community should consider donating to the planet when making their investment commitments,” says Alain Chetrit, The Knowledge Pledge Co-Founder and Executive Chairman. “The impact on financial IRRs is negligible, but the leverage The Knowledge Pledge creates for the planet and humanity is enormous. This important new relationship with AdAstral will serve as a model that we can replicate with other organizations.”

To learn more about AdAstral, the ESG work they are doing as an Impact Venture Capital Fund and the new partnership with The Knowledge Pledge, please reach out to Chetrit at or contact AdAstral at

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