Staiy Prepares For Seed Financing to Advance a More Sustainable Fashion Industry

December 6th, 2022

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The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world producing 80+ billion garments a year.  Staiy is a marketplace for sustainable fashion with a goal of revolutionizing the fashion ecosystem for a better future. Staiy provides a platform where people can effortlessly and transparently learn about sustainability,  educate themselves by reading any of 400+ articles and shop from more than 250 sustainable brands. The Staiy community of 100,000+ people saved over 5M liters of water and 4,500 kg of CO2 through 2020-2022 by choosing products that have a better environmental footprint than others.

To prepare for seed round financing in Q1 2023, Staiy reached out to KIN for help in a 90-minute Catalyze Session.  This next round of financing will allow Staiy to scale the business and help to greatly reduce the carbon and water footprint of the fashion industry.  KIN Knowledge Partners Amir Banifatemi, Jade Feinberg, Naomi Ronn, and Leonardo Simpser guided Staiy on the need to further crystalize their business model and point of differentiation by painting the picture of how sustainability is embedded in all aspects of their business and understanding why community members will return to the Staiy marketplace and what key metrics to share with investors to illustrate how the business can scale. Alessandro Nora, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Staiy said: “It was very useful to get a better understanding on what are the key metrics we should present to investors for our next fundraising. From specific KPIs, to broader areas that need to be extremely well executed. Moreover, the panel raised valid arguments on our business model which will help us focus on the most important aspects to build a unique value proposition which is defendable from other players.”

The Knowledge Partners made pledges to Staiy to further help prepare for the seed financing meetings. Knowledge Partner Jade Feinberg said: “I thought it was an informative session with a diverse panel of expertise which was well put together to add value to the company members. I also found it personally informative and learned much from the other Knowledge Partners.”