Share the Meal Seeks KIN help to Reach Goal of Sharing 800 Million Meals

December 5th, 2022

ShareTheMeal: Charity Donat‪e – Aplicații pe Google Play‬

ShareTheMeal is the award-winning app of the United Nations World Food Programme that enables users to feed a person in need with just a tap on their smartphone. From providing school meals in Lebanon to emergency aid in Yemen, over 160 million meals have been shared since the launch in 2015.

In the next 5 years, ShareTheMeal wants to share 800 million meals which requires triple their current donations.   Desiree Elchebeir, Isabella De Angelis and Matthias Helmund from ShareTheMeal reached out to Knowledge Impact Network to brainstorm how they can partner and integrate with existing digital platforms and go beyond the app to reach more donors where they are already transacting frequently. Knowledge Impact Network hosted a 90-minutes Catalyze Session with Knowledge Partners Amir Banifatemi, Anamaria Meshkurti, Brent D Lang, Jessie Coates, Matt Clyne, Perren Walker, and Saurav Arora. This group of leaders had a tremendous amount of advice and ideas for reaching more donors where they are already transacting in related fields (food retailers, grocers, restaurants, food delivery) and were eager to provide connections in these spaces for STM.  The key to reaching these donors is through the payment processing infrastructure already present in the related fields. The Knowledge Partners will help STM tap into the right software infrastructure networks to improve processing and lower cost.  With KINs guidance ShareTheMeal is in the process of building out their plan with the goal of tripling their current donations to ultimately share 800 million meals. 

 Desiree Elchebeir said  “The session was an incredible lineup of thought leaders who brought invaluable outside expertise, challenged our thinking and very generously offered their connections. Kudos and huge thank you to the KIN network on a very impactful way to help organizations like us!”