Elaine Moderates Panel at 2022 US Pro Bono Summit on The Executive Effect: How Engaging Senior Leadership in Pro Bono Can Have Broad Impact

December 6th, 2022

KIN CEO Elaine MacDonald moderated a panel at the 2022 US Pro Bono Summit hosted by Taproot Foundation exploring the broad benefits of executive engagement in pro bono service to social ventures. Panelists Rene Deida of Prudential Financial, Saadia Malik of Johnson & Johnson, and Tammy Tibbetts of She's the First shared specific examples of the value of top leadership commitment. All companies highlighted how pro bono work helps attract talent and provide a real sense of purpose for employees at all levels.  Data was shared to confirm people who participate in pro bono are staying longer than their peers, are being promoted faster, and feel a stronger connection to their company's purpose. Senior leadership involvement sets the tone for the entire organization. Practically speaking, senior executives then open the doors to a wider set of team members to provide pro bono services.

Tammy shared the impact of senior leadership involvement based on her experience with Lisa Sepulveda, Chief Client Officer at Edelman. Lisa had provided a wide range of pro bono services for She’s the First ranging from setting the communications and media strategy to providing office space in Nairobi, Kenya.  During the panel discussion Tammy said “The magic of executives getting involved is that it actually doesn't take much of their time, because they have so much social capital. And when you have that, when you can just pick up a phone and people take your calls, and you can send an email and you get a response. You have the CEOs ear, you're able to move resources around and you're able to clear out the obstacles that allow other levels of employees in the company to really engage…”

Watch the recording of this session here: www.taprootfoundation.org/summit. So much good comes from engaging executives in impact - building brand trust and recognition, developing executive empathy, offering exposure to new communities and providing learning & development opportunities.That is why KIN offers a Corporate Partnerships program–reach out if interested in learning more about how KIN can help your organization engage senior leadership.