Awareness of TIE Global Artisans Raised  With Knowledge Pledge Catalyze Session‍

February 1st, 2022

Building the awareness of TIE Global Artisans, the nonprofit project of PYXERA Global working to revitalize and empower indigenous artists in Africa while preserving their culture of weaving, was advanced last week when a group of Knowledge Pledge purpose-driven leaders, called volunteer Signatories, shared ideas and contacts during a 90-minute Catalyze Session.
The panel gathered as part of The Knowledge Pledge’s new fast and focused platform and pledged to help TIE Global Artisans on multiple fronts, including using their networks to spread the word through the African diaspora.

The focus question for the group was how TIE Global Artisans could elevate awareness of its work, particularly in a way that would attract potential funders.

The Signatories pledged to reach out to potential celebrity champions who might be interested in wearing the luxury fabrics at a public event.

They also offered to bring TIE Global Artisans together with several companies and organizations that are experts in the textile industry and are aligned with TIE Global Artisans’ mission to help weavers succeed. 

They discussed writing to leading newspaper and magazine fashion editors to ask them for their advice in connecting TIE Global Artisans to people and institutions that could help.

Part of the discussion was also centered on the importance of TIE Global Artisans proving it can show investors the quality of its fabrics and its path to sustainability and profits.

One of the Signatories, Payel Farasat, the Founder and Managing Principal of Farasat Capital, described the Session this way: “Nothing beats a good brainstorm with a think tank of great minds, large hearts, and change agents like TIE Global Artisans and PYXERA! Thank you The Knowledge Pledge!”

PYXERA Global’s CEO, Dierdre White, said “I was amazed that in 90 short minutes, we were able to garner so many valuable insights and connections. The interest, engagement and enthusiasm of the Signatories of The Knowledge Pledge renewed our energy, and the pledges they made will certainly help is to move TIE Global Artisans to the next stage of its evolution.”

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