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Ways to help

We invite you to become a Founding Funder to activate this movement. By providing seed capital, you will play a pivotal role in unleashing the power of spreading knowledge to advance solutions benefitting millions of people and the planet.

For donations made by check, wire transfer, or transferring securities click here for . For credit card payments, click on the PayPal link below.

Donations are tax-deductible; our 501c3 Tax ID is 85-3426545.

Explore opportunities below:

1. Visionary [$250,000]: Visionaries play a vital role in launching KIN and shaping its trajectory. 

2. Changemaker [$100,000]: Changemakers propel KIN to new heights. They may sponsor a sector (e.g. climate, education, health) or specific UN SDG. 

3. Accelerator [$50,000]: Accelerators create significant momentum for KIN. They may sponsor an existing project or circle, on KIN's platform or a project they introduce to KIN. 

4. Advocate [$25,000]: Advocates are essential to building the KIN community and advancing progress. 

5. Contributor [$10,000]:  Contributors meaningfully sustain KIN's operations.

6. Supporter [$5,000]:  Supporters are committed to the KIN mission. Any amount a Supporter is able to give will be meaningful.