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March  - April 2023

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Participate as a purpose-driven leader (Knowledge Partner) in a 90 minute virtual session. Along with a small group of other pro bono Knowledge Partners, you will share your insights, skills and connections with a social venture tackling a challenge. Add value, learn about the venture, and connect with peers on a common cause of interest.

At the end of each session, each Knowledge Partner will be asked to pledge a follow-up action, such as sharing a connection, reviewing materials, or building awareness of the venture’s impact among friends and colleagues. Stay in touch with your new network. In turn, the social venture will keep you apprised of the impact of your knowledge.  

Current opportunities to engage are below. If interested, complete the form.

Project Maji

Mission: Project Maji exists to empower and transform lives by providing sustainable, effective and solar-powered water solutions that bring clean drinking water to rural communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Impact: Project Maji, founded by a YPO Global Social Impact awardee, has improved the lives of over 150,000 people across Ghana, Kenya, and Uganda via sustainable delivery of safe water into their villages. They currently have about 170 installations across these 3 countries and aim to double that over the coming 12 months. In 5 years, they aim to improve the lives of 10,000,000 people.

Need: Identify an alternative funding model to help reach growth objectives.
Two Separate Catalyze Sessions will be held: 
Catalyze Session #1 Question: How can we use social media to reach donors and share compelling messages with a clear ask to generate more donations?    

Knowledge Partner Skills Required: Social media fundraising expertise

Catalyze Session #2 Question:
How could we structure a franchise model in rural communities to assist our growth?

Knowledge Partner Skills Required: Franchise model experience


Mission: Aseel is a tech-based startup that provides humanitarian aid packages to and from anywhere in the world with transparency, leveraging an existing online marketplace that allows Afghanistan artisans to sell handcrafted products.

Aseel Buy Good is an online marketplace that links artisans with buyers all over the world who value unique, artistic handmade products.

Aseel Do Good is a pioneering platform working to fight the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan by allowing anyone who wants to assist Afghan families in need to purchase emergency packages that provide vulnerable families and individuals with basic food and shelter items. Aseel is working in Afghanistan and expanding into Turkey.

Impact: After the US withdrawal from Afghanistan in August 2021, the Aseel team created ASEEL Do Good to enable the delivery of humanitarian aid to Afghanistan. This platform function helped over 250,000 people in just the first year, and was featured in Time Magazine and on NPR. ASEEL has now impacted 500,000 people through the full platform, and aims to grow its impact to 5,000,000 people in five years.  

Need: To expand its platform to support other regions in need such as Turkey, they will need additional impact investors

Catalyze Session Question: How can we refine our pitch to potential impact investors showcasing our new narrative, and who might the best audiences be?

Knowledge Partner Skills Required:
Investor pitch expertise

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