Current Projects

Available projects to engage with August-September 2022

Current Projects

Use your knowledge for social good—it’s easy and impactful.  Participate in a 90-minute virtual session along with a small group of other Knowledge Partners to share your insights, skills and connections with a social venture looking to tackle a challenge to unleash its ability to scale. Add value, learn about the venture, and connect with other Knowledge Partners interested in the same space. At the end of each session, each Knowledge Partner will be asked to pledge a follow-up action, such as sharing a connection, reviewing materials, or building awareness of the venture’s impact among friends and colleagues. In turn, the social venture will keep you apprised of the impact of your knowledge.

See below the opportunities for you to mitigate climate risk, advance economic opportunity, expand access to education, and address core human needs.  Indicate your interest in one or more of the sessions by completing the form below.
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Are you interested in participating in an upcoming Catalyze Session which will take place between August 15th and September 30th? Complete your basic information below. You’ll be contacted within a week to discuss the following steps of the selection process and your availability.

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